Angie and I purchased the "Diamond E Farm" as part of a dream to own a place of our own to train and enjoy our dogs.  We looked all over the area and found a place only 1 mile from our home.  It was grown up with briars and vines like you wouldn't believe but we knew that it was a diamond in the rough, thus the name Diamond E.  After days and days of tough manual labor and several track hoe hours in the pond we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We'll never finish because we love projects and as soon as we finish one we start discussing and planning another.
This farm was converted from a standard row crop farm to a farm specifically for retriever training and retriever related events and competitions.  The ponds were dug, pastures seeded, fields planted and natural habitat managed to enhance our capabilities and produce as near natural waterfowl hunting scenarios as possible.  Several props have been added such as post with dog stands in knee deep water, duck blinds with casting platforms, adjustable height floating logs and portable 4 person blinds just to name a few.  There are many bonuses that come along with the property such as the dove hunts, watching the ducks and geese come in and especially the peace and quiet.
Technical water is one of our strongest assets at the Diamond E Farm.  We have a large technical training pond built specifically for retriever training (Big Tech), a small technical pond in the middle of the South Pasture built specifically for retriever training (Little Tech), another small technical pond with a tree island and scattered trees on one end (Tobacco Barn Pond), an impoundment style pond (Impoundment Pond), a beaver/stick pond with platforms/duck blinds for wingers (Beaver Pond),  a green tree reservoir pond (Christmas Tree Pond), a swim by pond (Swim By Pond) and two creeks with good access all around.  We also plant sunflowers, grain sorghum and corn fields for the doves and dog training.  The pastures have a nice gentle roll to them and food plots are strategically placed in them to break up the big pasture effect and also add to the retriever challenge.  There are also (2) tractor barns, a cook shed, a barn converted into a cabin with kennels on the side and a covered pavillion which will seat approximately 60 people and overlooks the Beaver Pond.
This is not only a training facility but a refuge for Angie and myself.  We enjoy having friends over for training, hanging out at the Pavillion/Cook Shed and sharing hunting and dog stories.