About Us

On behalf of my wife Angie, myself and our 9 wonderful Labs, I would like to thank you for visiting our site.  Angie and I own a Firefighting Equipment Dealership but most of our spare time is spent with our family, which the dogs are a major part of. 
We are avid outdoorsman and love spending time outside training, hunting and managing our small farm which is used primarily for dog training (see "Our Facility"). 
Angie and I share the common thought of having a well rounded, versatile Labrador that is conformation bred.  This lab may be referred to by some as a "Show Lab" or a "British Lab".  I prefer to use the term "Classic Lab".  This dog is blocky in face and body with a short, thick tale.  It has become the trend of many breeders in recent years to breed towards a dog that is leaner, leggier, has a narrow snout and long curved tail.  These dogs are often referred to as "Field Labs".  They dominate the field trial circuit because of their speed and endurance while competing in events with 400 yard retrieves.  It's a personal preference thing, but again Angie and I prefer the "Classic Lab".  Our dogs are somewhat of a rarity at Hunt Test as most dogs competing are of the "Field" type.  I'm especially proud to have Labs with that classic look, that have house manners, wag their tails at strangers, shop with us at the Bass Pro Shop, had rather go hunting than eat and run in Hunt Test wth enthusiam and style.  The Good Lord has blessed our life with our dogs.  
For more information on "Show Dogs vs Field Dogs" please click on this link to an article from The Labrador Retriever Club  website:  

          I hope you enjoy our site,
          Wally Eliott